Інформаційний вечір на тему притулку у Швейцарії

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Інформаційний вечір на тему притулку у Швейцарії

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Інформаційний вечір на тему біженства в Цузі.

Let's Talk Migration and Asylum - How you can help Ukraine
by JCI Central Switzerland

Date and time

Wed, March 9, 2022
7:30 PM – 8:30 PM CET

Haus Zum Lernen
St. Oswalds-Gasse 20
Library room 1st floor
6300 Zug
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Event description
How we can help Ukraine and its people in Switzerland. This event is organized on-site and will be streamed online.

SEEP is a Zurich based company consulting on immigration, asylum, permits, corporate registrations and similar services with connection to CIS. It is lead by Natalia Lechbinskaya who knows first hand the hardships of political asylum. They believe in helping people with integration and becoming members of local community.
At the moment SEEP is helping pro bono to Ukrainian refugees and those here who have loved ones in Ukraine. They have Russian speaking lawyers, psychologists and doctors. SEEP receive calls from all over Ukraine. We will talk about what they do, and what help is needed.

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