Ukraine is against their president. And here is why.

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Ukraine is against their president. And here is why.

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I understood from the previous answer, that it is useless to ask you now
about Mezhyhirjya... So I would like to ask next: you have told many
times today, that the economy is doing very bad and that people are not
seeing any improvements and there is no budget neither for Chernobyl nor
Afganistan war issues. Nevertheless every day we can observe how quickly
improves your personal living style. We hear that you rent a plane for 1
mln.USD from a company of your son. We know, that Mezhyhirya-Residence
is built by companies, where your son is a shareholder. Could you please
tell us why is this discrepancy? How come that the country is doing
worse and worse and you are doing so well?

I'm telling you... that what you so broadly expand on here is of no
interest to me. And here is why: because I have very little time, you
know, for pleasures. Yesterday I came back home at 3 am and this morning
got up at 6 am. And yesterday it has been a bit earlier and so on. So I
do not understand what good life you mean here ...and discussing my
family matters all the time. I'm telling you... I do not envy you ...

[Everybody is laughing loud out].

Here everyone knows everyone else and understands what is going on...

[Women's voice: Next question]

...and the rest make it yourself up.

Notes: private Residency of Yanukovych on 140 ha with a lake and a yacht club, water palace, helicopter place, hunting lands and much more fun stuff ... ed-luxury/ ... and twice a day roads are closed for transportation all the way from Maydan straight there.

The video is taken from here

Why_Ukraine_is_poor_and_Yanukovych_is_rich_Revolution in Ukraine - YouTube.mp4
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