Шашлики в Базелі

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Шашлики в Базелі

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Hello everybody,

This mail is just a gentle reminder for those of you who have not yet registered for the shashlyki event:-) We extended the registration until Friday 11th June, 18:00.
Please register in the doodle link below if you are coming so that we now how much meat to marinate:
http://www.doodle.com/h9z5ggq2mhcydzby? ... cipantKey=

At the moment we have 7'839 CHF on our CHILDREN-UA account for the project but around 13'000 CHF is needed. So, we hope to reach it with your generous support.

PLACE: FC Polizei house at St.Jakob park (the map is attached). Even though we will be outside, the place is covered with the roof, so don't be afraid of a potential rain. It has enough space for shashlyki preparation as well as for playing games :-) It looks like this (photos from the last year):

TIME: 12:30
FEE: from 40 CHF (it's up to you whether to pay more than 40 CHF but your kind donations will be warmly welcome!)
INVITEES: you and your partners, friends, relatives, colleagues - all are very welcome

Hopefully see you soon!

Jenya Kozhukhova
Tel: +41 76 584 17 17 (give me a call if you a lost, but it should be easy to find. We will also make some signs for you)

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